Sign up for electronic only communications

In order to save the association money and perhaps a few trees, the Overdale Homeowners Association is offering to all members the option to receive association notifications via email instead of through the U.S. Postal service. This would include meeting notices and any other communications required in the by-laws, which otherwise must be sent by conventional mail.

To adopt email as your primary mode of notification from the board, please return this authorization sheet. The form may be returned in several ways:

  • Hand-deliver the form to a current board member (or have a neighbor do it for you)
  • To return by email, attach the completed and scanned form to
  • To return by post, please send to the association address:

Overdale Homeowners Association
PO Box 1412
Issaquah, WA 98027

After providing authorization for electronic communication you can change your designation at any time by writing or emailing the association to revoke your authorization. The general board contact form at can also be used for this purpos

Remember: All Fireworks Banned in City of Issaquah

Stay safe on the Fourth of July.
Please remember that the City bans the use and possession of all fireworks without a permit.
The ban encompasses all fireworks, including sparklers, cones, fountains and Roman candles.
To report a non-emergency situation regarding illegal fireworkks, the City asks that residents call 425-837-3200.   More Info

Mailbox Stand Upkeep and Litter

During spring and summer, climbers, weeds and tree branches are more apt to encroach upon the mailbox stands.
The mailbox stands were constructed prior to March 1993.  Therefore, regular upkeep by the mailbox stand’s mailbox owners is very important to preserve the stands.  It is the responsibility of each stand’s mailbox owners to remove plants from around the base, behind the stand and to remove any branches that overhang or encroach on the stand to allow for air flow.  Keeping your mailbox stand clear of vegetation will help preserve the life of the stand.  Overdale HOA is not responsible for the structural upkeep, painting or any maintenance of the mailbox stands.  If your mailbox stand needs any structural maintenance, this responsibility falls upon the owners of the stand’s mailbox owners.  If your mailbox stand is ‘tagged’ by spray paint, we encourage you to paint over the tagging.
Overdale HOA also does not have any responsibility for postings on the mailbox stands.  If you are bothered by postings on your mailbox stand, removing the postings is at the discretion of the mailbox owners on your stand.
On a daily basis, collect papers, telephone books and any other literature that may be left in the newspaper slots to cut down on litter.  Issaquah Police recommend that any papers be collected daily to thwart criminals who may be watching for signs of residents on vacation.  You can place a ‘hold’ on your mail at as well as with your newspapers while on vacation.
Thank you for your cooperation to keep Overdale clean and safe.

Be Alert for Burglars and Prowlers

It’s always a good thing to be aware of suspicious vehicles or loitering non-residents in Overdale Park.
A car prowl was reported by an HOA Member near the top of 53rd on Sunday, September 22, 2013, about 5AM.  The prowler was on foot, entered an unlocked car, and was scared off by the homeowner.  The prowler was described as about 6′ tall wearing dark clothes and fled to the east.  The homeowner was surprised by the prowler as they were up and so there were lights on inside the house.  Issaquah police were on the scene within minutes but could not locate the suspect.
Other incidents reported by HOA members in the last year include:
  • A daytime burglary may have been aided by a vehicle at the intersection of 58th and 232nd on Wednesday, August 8, 2013.  Update:  Upon knowing about the burglary, three HOA members reported a similar suspicious vehicle near this intersection that may have been involved.  This information was provided to the homeowner to aid in the police report.
  • A smashed kitty door may have been the result of an attempted break-in on SE 54th Place during the night of June 24, 2013.
The following attempts were made by removing or cutting screens on lower level windows.
  • An attempted break-in on 57th during the week of Jan 6, 2013.
  • A suspected break-in attempt during the daytime of the last weekend of November 2012 on 54th near 232nd.  They believe the attempt was interruped by either their dog or activity inside the house.
Please be alert to any suspicious activity or unknown visitors in the neighborhood.  Do not hesitate to call police to report information or request a patrol visit.
A resident on 231st asked that we share her experience from Fall 2012.  She noticed suspicious activity with the driver of a car that she did not recognize.  Reporting it to the police, they were extremely grateful for the information, thanking her over and over again for her call.  She was reminded to call with anything out of the ordinary as the officer said that “99% of burglaries are between the hours of 8am & 5pm while folks are at work.”  The officer encouraged her to call even if solicitors are in the neighborhood.  The police are happy to come check solicitors for the required Issaquah permits.
If you are the victim of crime, please file a report with the Issaquah police so that they can increase their patrols through Overdale.

Wildlife in the Spring

In the mid-morning on Saturday, April 13, a member on 53rd spotted a bobcat on their driveway.
The HOA Board has not received reports of bear sightings since the week of Halloween.  However, members have reported night time serenades by the coyotes throughout the winter and early this spring.  Coyotes appear to have been hanging out in the HOA park as well this winter and spring.
To deter wildlife from hanging out in Overdale, please do not feed pets outdoors or place food on the ground for birds.  Secure garbage, recycling and yard waste cans.  Under new state laws, residents can face fines for feeding bears or other wild carnivores, whether intentional or negligent.  See the related Nov 14, 2012, Issaquah Press article.
Use timers for outdoor house lights:  on at dusk and off at dawn.  Motion sensitive lights can deter wildlife from the shadows around your house as well as help with crime prevention.  Further information is available from theDepartment of Fish & Wildlife.


Plateau subdivisions have their share of rat problems and Overdale is no exception.  Three different pest exterminator companies have been seen in Overdale recently.  One homeowner reports that rats nested under his parked truck’s hood since Christmas and destroyed engine wiring in the process.  He’s been able to catch a few to bring down the population.
If you know of anyone in Overdale who is free-feeding animals outside, please ask them to stop.  Some people think that leaving out food scraps for the birds or crows is necessary during the winter.  It’s not. The food on the ground encourages rats.
Feeding dogs or cats outside also can attract rats.  Leaving out dog kibble for wildlife is ill-advised.  A homeowner has reported that crows have been dropping dog kibble on their driveway and squirrels have been stashing dog kibble pieces around their yard.  This only means that someone is free-feeding dog kibble where these animals can grab pieces.
Birdfeeders should be hung away from supporting tree limbs.  Wonder who has been eating your birdseed at night?  Could be rats!
The Washington State Department of Fish & Wildlife has a very resourceful webpage regarding rats.

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