Maintenance of each stand is the responsibility of the stand’s mailbox owners.  Overdale HOA is not responsible for the structural upkeep, painting, vegetation removal or any other maintenance of the mailbox stands. If your mailbox stand is ‘tagged’ by spray paint, we encourage you to paint over the tagging.  There is no HOA requirement (i.e. CCR) for a certain paint color or stain for the mailbox stands.
Keeping your mailbox stand clear of vegetation will help preserve the life of the stand.  Homeowners are responsible for keeping vegetation from growing around, onto or over the stands. Ivy should not be allowed to attach to the stands and all other plants should be kept clear of the base. To extend the life of the roofs, overhanging trees should be trimmed back from the roofs.  (The roofs were last replaced in the summer of 2009.)
On a daily basis, collect papers, telephone books and any other literature that may be left in the newspaper slots to cut down on litter.  Issaquah Police recommend that any papers be collected daily to thwart criminals who may be watching for signs of residents on vacation.  To avoid delivery while you are away, place a ‘hold’ on your mail at as well as with your newspaper subscriptions while on vacation.  Ask your neighbors to collect any miscellaneous flyers which are left while you are gone.
Vandalism or Damage
Homeowners should report any vandalism or damage to the Issaquah Police Department.
When Overdale Park decided to get locking mailboxes, the HOA facilitated a group purchase and subsidized the price.  The HOA does not have any mailboxes left for sale.
Mailbox Keys
Keys are the responsibility of the lot owner.  The Overdale HOA does not have a master key.
Replacement Locks (as of August 2010)
We are aware of two options for replacing the locks.
  1. The mailbox manufacturer, in Kansas, has advised that we contact the local distributor for a replacement lock/latch.  This replacement is manufacturer stock and can be ordered for $14 plus $5 shipping plus tax from the local distributor (below). Normal shipping may take a week as the part is usually not stocked in Washington.
Building Specialties Northwest
 Woodinville, WA
(425) 486-3693
Contact: Jessica
  1. Homeowners have purchased a replacement lock/latch kit at Home Depot and have been very happy with the fit.  Please contact the HOA if you need information regarding the part number or installation information.