Welcome to our Neighbor Spotlight! Here, we will feature neighbors and their history, both short and long, with Overdale Park!

Say hello to the Watrous Family!

Spotlight on Neighbors: Stephanie and Ken Watrous 

If you’re feeling feisty and want to pick a fight with a neighbor don’t choose this family!  Stephanie, Ken and their two, young adult children all have earned their black belts in karate.  The family passion sprang from Ken’s interest as a student and then an instructor with Karate  West here in Issaquah. While martial arts, for some people, becomes a hobby, for Ken it  became a 30 year career, eventually managing the organization he started with. Karate West  was a second family for the Watrous family, providing learning, focus, enrichment, values,  discipline, challenges and life-long friendships. 

Stephanie grew up in Mirrormont and recalls a few high school adventures in the wild and  wooded hillside of Overdale Park prior to fencing being erected and condominiums and box  stores sprouting up. Ken grew up in Florida and travelled back and forth a couple times before  realizing how much WA had to offer. After marriage and children and commuting from Ames  Lake near Redmond to Issaquah for work and schooling for the kids at St. Joseph’s, the family  purchased a home in the cul de sac near our park in 2008. 

They have remodeled parts of the 1965 house and built a shop in the back. Best of all is  watching the sunset across Lake Sammamish and the fun friendships they’ve found with their  neighbors.  

Stephanie has been an active member of the Homeowners Association for 6 years in addition to  her busy career as an elementary school teacher. Ken now works for Recology and is loving his new career!

We want to thank Sarah Bergdahl, our neighbor and HOA Board Member, for this exciting new addtion to our website! We’d also like to thank Louise for volunteering her time to be our first feature!

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