The Overdale Park HOA owns a 4 acre private park with a large, open, grassy field for sports or running dogs. 
It is also used to host our Annual Picnic and Easter Egg Hunt, movies in the park, etc.  If you would like to plan an event at the park please email us at

The park is located at the of 229th Ave SE and use is restricted to members of the Overdale HOA.

There is a garbage can and a compost bin at the park.  Please take recyclables with you. If you run your dog at the park, pick up after your dog with doggie bags. Do not dispose of doggie waste in the bushes.

The park is mowed year round, with mowing on a monthly basis during the winter time. There is no maintenance scheduled for the trail.

If you would like to form a work party for park maintenance, please let the HOA Board know of your maintenance goal, target date, your work party members and how debris will be disposed of.

If you see any suspicious activity at the park, do not hesitate to call 911 to report the activity.

If you have any questions about the status of the park, please contact the HOA Board.

We are currently trying to raise the funds to put in a play structure at the park!

Follow this link to find out more information or email the Board at!

Example of Possible Play Structure