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Submitted by: Amber Malmgren

Due to the concerns of COVID-19, the 2020 Annual Meeting of Members was done through our website. Members received a mailing of necessary information, but were encouraged to access this information and conduct all business on the website. Members had 10 days to complete the online form to permit the meeting to be counted. The meeting documents and online form were as follows:

1. Minutes from the 2019 Annual Meeting were approved through an online vote.

2. Board Elections – We had four (4) positions up for election. The candidates were Rich Loudon, Stephanie Watrous, Sarah Bergdahl and Nishant Dhwaj. All candidates won their election. Your Board for 2020 was as follows:

Rich Loudon President 
John Doggett Vice President 
Nick Abdelnour Vice President 2 
Stephanie Watrous Treasurer 
Amber Malmgren Secretary 
Sarah Bergdahl At Large 
Nishant Dhwaj At large 

3. Uploaded to the website for review were the following documents:

Treasure’s Report from 2019

2020 Budget Proposal

Board Goals

Water Board Update

4. Feedback Submitted through the website during the 2020 Annual Meeting

Regarding Feedback  Sent by 
Water Board The Loudons would like to go with option 3:  
 3-Take the majority of the funds now and use them to pay down open ULID accounts on a pro-rata basis leaving some money (say $20,000) in the account for tax/insurance/legal and other final costs and keep the Water Association active while continuing to wait for Sammamish to reach resolution in the hope that we can sell the rights. If the rights are sold, the proceeds would also be sent to King County for distribution to open ULID accounts on a pro-rata basis.  
Rich and Sara Loudon 
Water Board I strongly support Option #1 and would like to see it executed as soon as possible. Ann Thornton 
Water Board Theresa and I concur with Option 1 for closing out the water rights issue and allowing the water board to close down. The team has done a great job of pursuing the opportunities to sell the water rights over the years and we appreciate all of their efforts. Tony Delles 

The meeting closed at 11:59 on March 31st, 2020. Documents could still be viewed on the website, but all voting ended at that time.

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