Thank you to all who participated in the 2021 Annual Meeting.

Thank you to all who participated in the 2021 Annual Meeting.

Voting is now closed, but you may still review any documents and contact the Board with any questions or comments.

The profiles of the 2021 Board electoral candidates are below. Each term is 2 years and the exact position held by each elected member will be determined by all elected Board Members based on each electorates interests and skills.

Overdale Homeowners Association

2021 Election for Board of Directors

Candidate Profiles

John Doggett

I joined the Overdale Park community in 2011, along with my wife, Chani.  We now have a delightful handful1 of children in Kettryn (3 y.o. girl) and Davram (6 m.o. boy).  I started serving on the Board in 2019, stepping in to give Chani a break from the role she had been playing since 2015. 

I’ve lived in Western Washington for 28 years, having moved from the harsher climate of eastern Washington.  Like Chani, I work as a software developer at Microsoft.  I love soccer, piano, movies, video games (especially soccer with rocket cars) and life in Overdale Park.

Every now and then the Board faces issues with websites, databases or e-mail, and when they do, I happily offer my services on these technical challenges — serving on the board has certainly increased my opportunity to do so, and to interface the Board with other members of the informal “Tech Committee”.  Serving has also provided a unique opportunity to work with great people and neighbors, and to share my perspective on the possibilities for this community and organization. I would be honored to serve another term.

1 – A “handful” of children is any number >= 1

Nick Abdelnour

Time has flown since we moved our family to Overdale Park in 2015 and our family will always remember how our neighbors welcomed us into Issaquah. In return we always said we like to support our homeowner’s association and community by serving as a Board member to help bring back past traditions of neighborhood activities while creating clear lines of communication for all neighbors on all neighborhood matters. 

As your candidate, I will bring my personal and professional background. I have served in developing and leading associations in California and Washington State over the last 20 years. I will bring this knowledge background to our Overdale Park community by staying aware of city regulations, zoning and real estate development, including building practices in the Pacific Northwest.  

My wife and I learned first-hand at an early age it is important to participate not only with your immediate neighbors, but the community as a whole. I was elected as a Board of Director at an early age in Southern California and earned the respect of our fellow neighbors by helping to manage the budget and operation of our private pools, tennis courts, and large landscaped common areas.

While we learned about our HOA first hand personally, I was fortunate to take leadership roles with multiple national home builders, where one of my responsibilities was to create new homeowner associations for our communities.  Over the years, I have been able to keep our community on the map and maintain relationships at the City.  

I humbly submit my brief candidate profile to provide some personal and professional background that would apply as I continue to serve as one of your Directors for our Overdale HOA. Our family is looking forward to calling Overdale home for years to come.

Amber Malmgren

My husband, Graham, and I moved to WA from NC in 2014 and to our home in Overdale Park in May of 2015.  We have welcomed two children since moving to this community.  Anna (4) was born just after Christmas in 2016, and we welcomed our 2nd little girl, Violet (2.5), the day after the annual picnic in September of 2018.  Professionally, I worked as a Spanish teacher at Open Window Middle School before transitioning to a Stay-at-Home Mother and Spanish Tutor. I have served or led many different committees through my career and through my dedication to the community. I have served on the Board as our Secretary for the past 4 years. Transparent communication and an accurate understanding of needs and desires is most important to me. I hope to serve on the board in order to make all members of this community continue to feel welcome, heard, connected and appreciated.  Thank you for considering me to serve on your Board.

Annie Piñeyro

My husband, Alfonso, and I finished building our house in Overdale Park in December 2019. Considering that the project took three years, we spent a lot of time in Overdale Park prior to completion. It was during this time that we were able to establish many of the very special relationships that we currently have here. We have two girls, Cataleya, who is seven years old and Capri, who is five years old. I am sure you have seen us gardening, taking walks, riding bikes, playing with friends, saying “hi” to dogs and helping to care for the chickens throughout the neighborhood. Our entire family is loving the beautiful space that Overdale Park offers.

Although we have only officially lived in Overdale Park for over a year now, I have spent the past 11 years of my life working in Issaquah. I feel very blessed to have started practicing as a pediatric nurse practitioner with a small group called Cascade Pediatrics, right down the hill from Overdale Park. We have now merged with Swedish Pediatrics and have grown into a large and thriving practice. My experience in nursing, having worked for Seattle Children’s Hospital and now for Swedish Medical Group, has given me many opportunities to work on committees to better serve our patients and communities. I am a speaker for PEPs, a program for early parent support and am the leader of my children’s school board. 

My passion for pediatrics is to provide guidance so that families can flourish in their own communities. My passion for my children is to experience a childhood full of outdoor experiences in a safe place. My passion for my neighborhood is to develop a vision, act on that vision, have good communication, create connections, offer support and nurture friendships. Belonging to a community is vital to successful growth and development at all ages. I would love to share my passion with you and help connect us all in this hidden gem we call Overdale Park.

You have reviewed all documents. Thank you for your continued commitment to our great neighborhood!