Overdale is a pet friendly community.  Leash laws of Issaquah and/or King County apply.
Dog walkers should carry bags to pick up after their pet, if the animal poops while out on a walk about the neighborhood or while in Overdale’s private park.

Many species of wildlife live in and/or visit Overdale seasonally.  Overdale residents may see squirrels, raccoons, bear, deer, coyote, bobcat, owls, and many species of birds including pileated woodpeckers and hummingbirds (year round and seasonal.)  Normal bear activity in Overdale is not unusual, including sightings of a mama bear and cubs.
While there has never been an incident that caused harm to anyone in our neighborhood, please be aware of the wildlife in our area.
  • Keep your trash secured. Use bungee cords to secure your trash and yard waste cans.
  • Don’t leave pet or human food out that may attract wildlife.
  • Note that bears can even be attracted to birdseed feeders.
  • Clean BBQ’s after they are used to remove food smells.
  • If you are an early morning walker or walk near dusk, make enough noise so you don’t unexpectedly startle a bear.
  • If you have a lot of vegetation or trees on your lot, make enough noise so you don’t unexpectedly startle a bear.  Bears have been sighted in yards this spring (2012) at all hours of the day including afternoons and evenings.
For further information about handling encounters with bears, check out the WA Dept of Fish & Wildlife’s safety tips and suggestions.
If you ever have any wildlife concerns, your first point of contact for assistance should not be the Overdale HOA. Instead, we’d like to remind you:
  • Call 911 if you feel the situation is urgent or a matter of safety.
  • Never hesitate to make a report to WA Dept of Fish & Wildlife, King County (425) 775-1311 (open M-F, 8AM-5PM) if you have a concern or question about wildlife activity.
  • Non-emergency safety concerns or questions for the police should be called into the Issaquah non-emergency police line, 425-837-3200. This phone is monitored 24 hrs a day.
After you have made the appropriate calls for dealing with any immediate concern, contact the HOA if you feel it’s a situation for the Overdale community to be aware of.