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Submitted by: Stephanie Watrous

Year End 2020


December 31 Account Balances: 

Current Assets
1011 · Operating Account – #9557$8,456.79
1040 · Savings – Sterling – #4661$40,201.71
Total Checking/Savings$48,658.50
  • January 2020 Account balances totaled $ 48,837.33
  • Net Cash difference in account from January 2020 to December 2020 = (-$601.53)

HOA Income and Expenses highlights

  • Real Estate Taxes continue to be low based on the implantation of the conservation easement and rezone of the park property accomplished in 2017
  • With the help of Janet Wall, the HOA applied for an amendment to our original PBRS and restoration plan for the park. We anticipate this will result in an additional reduction in taxes.
  • Landscaping costs continue to be our largest expense.  The board is looking into a more cost effective solution.
  • The HOA was accidently overbilled by our landscaping company in 2020. They will be issuing a refund of $1,798.50. 
  • Collection of dues was up in 2020 by $536. It is an improvement and we hope this will continue.

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