There are many choices for cable television service. Cable television service is provided by cable and satellite providers.  Some homes in Overdale can receive the basic local television stations using rooftop antennaes.

Electricity & Natural Gas
Puget Sound Energy (PSE) supplies electricity and natural gas to the Overdale Park community.
Garbage, Recyling & Yardwaste
The service provider for Garbage, Recycling & Yardwaste is determined by the City of Issaquah.  As of July 1, 2012 Recology CleanScapes (Recology) became the service provider for the majority of Issaquah, including the Overdale Park area.
Garbage, Recycling & Yardwaste is collected on Thursdays.  Recology services Overdale throughout the day on Thursdays so please have containers streetside by 7AM to make sure you are ready for their service runs.
Recology offers wildlife resistant containers for the garbage, recycling and yardwaste bins of various sizes.  Watch the KING5 story on how these contrainers survived two hours with the grizzlies at Woodland Park Zoo.
If you are disabled or taking your trash cans to the streetside is a physical hardship for you, contact Recology and ask about their Pack-It-Out service.  This is a wonderful service for those who cannot manage the heavy carts over the steep driveways that many homes have in Overdale.
Have a question about what is recyclable?  You may be surprised at how many items can go into the Recology recycling carts.
There are many choices for internet service.  Cable, DSL, satellite, WiMaxx and cellular providers service Overdale to deliver internet service for home use.
There are many choices for telephone service, both land lines and cell providers. Telephone service to the home can be via the traditional bell-style land lines, cable, or via cellular providers.
Septic / Sewer
The majority of homes in Overdale Park are on septic systems.  Sewers have not been extended into the Overdale Park community.  However, some homes on the periphery of Overdale have sewer service.  Sewer service, where available, would be provided by Sammamish Plateau Water & Sewer District.
Stormwater Service
Stormwater system maintenance is provided by the City of Issaquah.  Overdale Park lot owners receive a bi-monthly bill from the City of Issaquah for stormwater service.  As of July 2011, the bi-monthly rate is $28.16 per lot.  Lots that are vacant (with no buildings) generally receive a bi-monthly rate of $14.08.  Contact the City of Issaquah, (425) 837-3070 for exact quotes of rates or with any questions regarding stormwater billings.

Overdale Water Association provides water service to most homes in the Overdale Park area.  However, in the Spring of 2011, Overdale was annexed into the service area of Sammamish Plateau Water & Sewer District (SPWSD).  As of March 2012, SPWSD released a timeline showing that the transition should take place about the end of 2012.  For more information on the cost and progress of the transition of service from Overdale Water Association to SPWSD, see the SPWSD Overdale FAQ.

Please note that Overdale Water Association is separate legal entity, different from the Overdale Homeowners Association.  Contact information for the Overdale Water Association, as published November 1, 2012, in a letter to Overdale water customers, is as follows:
  • email
  • Billing questions:  (425) 392-9339
  • Water supply or water system questions or concerns:  (206) 605-8139
Overdale Homeowners Association is not associated with the Overdale Water Association.