The HOA Board has seven members. The Elected Board officers are:

  Nick Abdelnor, President

John Doggett, Vice President  

Amber Malmgren, Secretary 

Stephanie Watrous, Treasurer 

Sarah Bergdahl, 2nd Vice President 

Rich Loudon, 3rd Vice President & City Liaison  

Annie Piñeyro, 4th Vice President & Social Committee Liaison 

The Board can have a maximum of seven members. Each member has a two year term, unless appointed to fill out the remaining term of a acancy.

If you are interested in joining the Board, please notify the Board or any Board member.

HOA committees focus on specific topics as needs arise.  Committees are open to lot owners who are members of the Overdale HOA.

Current and Previous committees are listed below. If you are interested in joining or reinstating one of the committees listed below or exploring the option of an additional committee please contact us.

Active Committees:

We currently only have one active committee, the Social Committe with the goal of promoting community activities throughout the neighborhood and encouraging HOA membership.

New Committee!

We are in the process of starting a new committee with the interest of exploring putting a play structure in the Park!

Previous Committees

  • Park Committee –  exploring long and short term options for our park/play field
  • Communications Committee – exploring the right level and methods of communication for our community