Please be aware, the City of Issaquah, not the Board, is in charge of this project. The Board is intervening and creating a pathway of communication between the City, the Contractors and our Neighborhood to effectively share information. The heads of the project and the Mayor have been contacting our Board President, Nick Abdelnour, extensively with up to date information. This information is shared immediately to our Facebook group – Overale Park Community, including road closures if we have the heads up. If you are not a member, we strongly suggest becoming one. If you are not on Facebook, we suggest creating an account simply to be a part of this group as real-time information is invaluable.

Project Contacts:

Contact NameTitlePhone E-mail
Jason Lampley & Katrina LynchOwners at Doolittle
Vadim KDoolittle Project
Morgan SimmonsDoolittle Construction Claims Manager425-455-1150 (office)
425-748-7283 (cell)
Bennett Ashbaugh

He wants to know about any streets that are subpar. He will hold Doolittle accountable to redo streets with which we are displeased. Please email him directly with this information.
Manager of Street Operations, City of Issaquah

*Overseeing Overdale Park and all the road projects in Issaquah
425.241.3697425-837-3470 (office)
ChipCity Inspector

*Oversees quality for the city of Issaquah
Bob YorkDirector, City of


  1. – Learn more about the process used on our roads and specifications on the products
  2. – Website on Cape Seal Product used on our roads – I found this website difficult to navigate

What to Expect from Project from today forward:

  1. All parts of the road that are grey will be completed asap, weather permitting. Doolittle mentioned them all being completed on Saturday, September 25th, but some roads are still incomplete. I’m not sure about the new timeline, but I know they need to wait for a dry day to do it. 
  2. After the product is applied, it should not be driven on for 3 – 5 hours. If trucks are on your street in the coming days/weeks, do you best to move your car out of your driveway to ensure you can leave when desired/needed without damaging the product or your vehicle.
  3. For the next month, Doolittle will be coming by to sweep and fill in any gaps and/or make repairs to the completed roads.
  4. Shedding is rock debris that will come up once the street is repaved and dry. The streets will continue to ‘shed’ for the next 2-3 weeks. Street sweepers will come by to remove the debris. This is just small bits of rock and will not cause buildup or damage to any vehicles.
  5. More smoothing will happen throughout this next summer. The heat causes the product to smooth even further.
  6. In the end, the roads will resemble the repavement on WA-410 and Sunrise Park Rd. Next time you take a trip to Mt. Rainier National Park, you can get a preview on these roads.


If your property (including vehicles, driveway, etc.) has been damaged during the process of the road repavement, the City of Issaquah and Doolittle Construction will work with you and pay to fix the issue.  Same for any medical issues that arose with pets,etc.

Here is a list of the formal process to take to get all potential claims documented and hopefully resolved through Doolittle Construction. 

  1. The first step is for claimants to take thorough photos and documentation on all damaged property.
  2. Complete and return attached Claim Form with all applicable information.
  3. Return the Claim form to
  4. Once form is completed allow 24-72 hours for review.
  5. After review is complete and approved Doolittle claims department will setup proper measures to get all property damaged cleaned, repaired, replaced, or ensure further action is taken.


  1. Doolittle Construction Claims Form
  2. City of Issaquah Claims Form – This will ensure the city has an accurate account of the damage sustained through their contract with Doolittle Construction LLC. Bennett, representing the City, suggests filling out both the Doolittle Construction Form and the one for the City of Issaquah.


You should have any oil buildup professionally cleaned off. We do not advise you to use at home products as they may cause more damage to your vehicle and limit your ability to file a claim. You have two options:

  1. Contact Doolittle Construction LLC directly. They will have someone come to your home and clean the oil from your vehicle. They may be able to address other damage, too. I would contact them directly at to discuss your individual issue.
  2. Have your car detailed by the company of your choosing and fill out a claim with both the City of Issaquah and Doolittle Construction. If Doolittle Construction fails to take your action seriously (which is unlikely), the City will take up the issue for you. Take pictures of the damage to your vehicle before getting it cleaned and keep your receipts.

Other Damages – Fill out the two forms above

The Board is here to support you in this process. We hope this information is found helpful. If you have further questions, please email the Board at

If you are not an actively paying member of your HOA, we want to encourage you to become one. The Board has been a way to concisely provide a line of communication between the City, the Contractors and us. Your Board is made up of a group of neighbors committed to rise to the occasion and represent us as individuals and as a neighborhood in an event like this road repaving situation. We work to make sure accurate information is available to the best of our ability and knowledge. Please consider becoming a member and paying the dues of $70 per quarter or $280 per year.