Welcome to our Neighbor Spotlight! Here, we will feature neighbors and their history, both short and long, with Overdale Park! Click the links below to learn more about our neighbors and our neighborhood!

Our first Neighbor to Spotlight can be found on the corner of 54th Pl!

Say hello to Louise Luce!

This is Louise on her 90th birthday! She is wearing a spruce root hat woven by the Tlingit people of Alaska. She and her huspand spent 8.5 months there in 1953 working with community health.

Meet Craig & Margaret!

Meet Elisabeth and Dominique!

Meet Anu and Nishant Dhwaj!

Meet Heidi and Scott Scholz!

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We want to thank Sarah Bergdahl, our neighbor and HOA Board Member, for this exciting new addtion to our website! We’d also like to thank Louise for volunteering her time to be our first feature!