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Sumitted by: Craig Nelsen

February 5, 2020    (For 2019 – Year End) 


December  31, 2019 —  Account Balances: 


1011 · Operating Account – #95579,247.92

1040 · Savings – Sterling – #466140,190.94

Total Checking/Savings49,438.86
  • Jan 1, 2019  Account Balances  totalled $ 48,556   
  • Net Cash difference in cash balances (this year)  = + $ 883 
    • Discrepancies between bank balances and the P&L statement are due to accrual accounting method used (primarily deposits made at year-end recorded but not shown  in 12/31 statements).       

HOA Income and Expenses highlights:

  • Real Estate Taxes continue to be low based on the implementation of the conservation easement and rezone of the park property accomplished in 2017.   
  • Most budget categories were pretty accurate, and with the exception of landscaping,  savings were realized.  
  • Tax return Prep and some insurance cost (payments) may be incurred in 2020, deferred from 2019   
  • Landscaping costs continue to be our largest expense.  We went over budget by $2000 for landscaping service in 2019.    We did buy picnic tables for the park this year. 
  • Dues collected in 2019 matched our budget nicely.  While some members remain ‘non-paying’ members, dues collection  came in at almost $12,000 ($1000 over amount budgeted)
  • The net result for 2019 is a slight improvement in our financial picture and an HOA nearing stability / sustainability. 

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