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The regular meeting of the Overdale Homeowners Association was called to order at 7:06 on 3.26.2019 at Eastside Fire and Rescue by Rich Loudon.

Approval of Agenda

The agenda was unanimously approved as distributed.

Special Guests

  • Mayor Mary Lou Pauly
    • Projects
      • Road Project on 62nd Street Opened in January
        • $1 Issaquah tax $ for every $10 that was donated
      • Costco is investing in property
        • 2 large buildings
        • Plan to be done in 2 years
      • Affordable Housing
        • Issaquah is increasingly expensive
        • Now builders are to have a percentage of affordable housing
        • 49 units in the highlands
        • 11 units
      • Sycamore Neighborhood – last lot on Front street
      • Single family homes were asked about having duplexes
      • Questions
        • Is zoning single family estate?
        • Is there something in the code that changes the look of our neighborhood?
      • In Olympia
        • Pressure to create affordable housing
        • State is wanting to tell cities to re-zone single family neighborhoods
        • Mary Lou is advocating not to let that happen
        • We want to put emphasis on building in places where the roads can handle it
        • City approved a 11 million piece of property that was to be a neighborhood which now will be a park and a parkland
          • Looking to get some grant money to make the pricetag closer to 3.6 million
          • Has informal trails
          • Lot of potential
          • Award a Green Global Award
          • Harvey Manning Park and Cougar Mountain Wildlife Regional
      • Light Rail
        • We need to keep our eyes on the project to be sure we have stations
        • We need to get our city ready so that when Sound Transit is ready to move forward in 2024, we are ready
      • What is the plan for Issaquah-Hobart Road
        • Legisture is not planning on putting money on HWY 18
        • On Monday, heard
        • Needs and expansion and safety improvements

Approval of Minutes

The minutes of the previous meeting were unanimously approved as distributed at 7:34.


President’s Report (Rich Loudon):

  • Maintain watch on the neighborhood
  • Keep in the conversation with the city
  • Our main thoroughfare on 56th, expect a complete repaving including new speedbumps
  • City is on a 70 year cycle when it comes to roads
  • Security has been less of an issue this year
  • Keep communication flow transparent
    • Neighbor report – 3 weeks ago, 3 mailboxes were broken into on 58th
    • Neighbor added a metal strip to close off gap

Treasurer’s Report (Craig Nelsen):

  • We are in the RED for our budget!
  • Came on the board in 2014 and we were losing $3 – 5K every year
  • We have tried to reestablish confidence
  • Landscaping costs are going to be a big item to keep an eye on
    • Using a firm seems to be the only way to keep up with the park and prices continue to go up
    • Are we open to a new bid for a landscaper – Claus has someone in mind
    • We felt it important to keep up with the park, so we put for the money to do so.
  • Monuments are not part of the landscaping contract
  • Remain committed to transparency

Secretary’s Report:

Social Committee Report:

  • Over the summer
    • Craig’s concert
    • Movie in the Park
    • Annual Picnic
  • Next Event – Easter on April 20th
  • John and Chani hosted the Christmas Party and we saw many new members
  • Please Join!
  • Just bought two new picnic tables and benches!

Old Business

Water Board Report

From Dale Timmons

Please share this with the HOA and meeting attendees.  I will not be able to attend tonight.  If anybody has questions, please direct them to me.

I spoke to Jay Krauss at Sammamish Water and Sewer today regarding the potential sale of Overdale water rights to SAMMPLAT.  I’ve been in contact with Jay for the past year on this topic.  Sammamish has an interest in the water rights but is currently working on consolidating their own water rights.  They are in the SEPA process and preparing to file an application with Ecology.  During this process, they do not want to “muddy the water” by attempting to acquire any additional rights.  Once this process is completed, Sammamish has indicated that they will seek additional water sources to incorporate into their inventory.

The process with Ecology could take up to a year to complete.

The Overdale Water Association account currently has $286,105.28 in the Fidelity Account.

The Overdale water rights currently reside safely in the Washington State Water Trust.  They still belong to Overdale. We have two options including:

  1. We can wait until Sammamish is ready to enter into negotiations with Overdale in earnest to purchase the water rights and try to sell them.
  2. We can relinquish the rights now to the state trust, pay down the neighborhood’s debt with King County and dissolve the Water Board. This would result in each eligible homeowner receiving a credit of something between $1,500 and $1,800 on their ULID account. The exact amount would be determined after all taxes and expenses were retired.

Option 1 could take a year or more and there is a chance that a deal may not be consummated.  If we can close a deal with Sammamish, it would likely result in an additional $100,000 to $200,000 for the neighborhood to pay down water debt.  If we abandon the water rights to the state trust, it would be a final decision, there would be no additional income and there would be no going back.

With the loss of Jay, the Water Board no longer has a quorum.  We need a volunteer to join the water board so that a valid voting decision can be made on what to do next. This volunteer position really does not require a time commitment.  We just need a body and somebody willing to have an occasional phone conversation and to occasionally vote.  Input from the HOA is always welcomed.


Best Regards,

Dale M. Timmons, R.G.

Thoughts from the neighborhood

  • No reason to sell.  Lets wait

New Business

  • Elections
    • 4 openings and 4 people of interest
    • Any others interested parties – No
    • Nominees elected at 8:00 PM
  • Play Structure

See Handout

  • When is the nex

Open Questions

  • When is the next concert in the park
  • Power pole project will take a year
  • When trees fall
    • Party with damage files the claim not the one who owns the tree
    • South of SE 58th St.
    • Is there anything we should be aware of
  • Claus – junk cars are being collected on a lot
    • Board will contact Claus to


Adjourned at 8:22

Minutes submitted by: Amber Malmgren

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